Code of Conduct

Conduct Overview
A Culture of Goodwill
Give Condtructive Feedback
Respect the Opinions of Others
Privacy and Safety of Others
Classify your Maps Appropriately
Don't Upload Content That is not Yours
Don't Spam
Don't Rant, Troll or Flame
Don't Pretend to be Somebody Else
If You Break the Rules
Conduct Overview

Pinza members share their passion for exploration and knowledge by sharing maps, pins and media and interacting with each other through comments, reviews and ratings. The way we treat one another shapes the type of community we are building together. This Code of Conduct is designed to ensure that everyone understands what the Pinza community is all about and the values we treasure. Our goal is to create a safe, fun and caring environment for map lovers.
A Culture of Goodwill

Please show your generous support and appreciation to the map makers, who worked so hard on the maps, pins and media, by rating, leaving positive reviews and feel-good comments and tell others how much you’ve enjoyed the maps. Remember maps are live entities, so authors can update them at anytime with more pins and more amazing media! Map makers - be generous to the users who have invested their precious time in viewing, enjoying and commenting on your maps.
Give Constructive Feedback

Constructive comments are welcomed, as long as they are specific and are given in a respectful and supportive manner. It is okay if you do not find a particular map to your taste. Simply stop using the map and find one that does suit your taste. However, it is not okay to leave rude and insulting feedback. These comments will be removed without notice.
Respect the Opinions of Others

The Pinza Community is a diverse group with different opinions and views. But it means that everybody needs to be tolerant and respect people whose ideas are different to their own. Of course, if you feel that someone is expressing views or opinions that are offensive, defamatory, abusive or inappropriate, you can report them.
Privacy And Safety of Others

Revealing personally identifying information about someone else, such as their name, address, email address or phone number is strictly prohibited. Behaviour that endangers the safety and integrity of the Pinza community or is in any way malicious may result in permanent banning.
Classify Your Maps Appropriately

Appropriately classified maps will allow readers to discover maps of their interest. Classifications are not only based on the textual content, but also the images, videos, sounds and 3D models associated with the map. Pinza encourages users to classify their own maps.
Don't Upload Content That is Not Yours

Only upload content (images, videos, audio clips, textual content and 3D models) that you own or have permission to share. If you did not create the content yourself, make sure you have permission from the rights holders before uploading. 
Don't Spam

There’s a fine line between promoting your maps and spamming. Don’t promote your maps as a comment on other people’s maps. Do not link to e-commerce or other similar sites, or post comments to promote other products or services; we consider this spam and nobody likes spam. Comments and review sent via bots will result in immediate deletion of accounts.
Don't Rant, Troll or Flame

Pinza is a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy. Inappropriate behaviour, including abusive, defamatory, obscene, racist or offensive comments, will result in having your account deleted.
Don't Pretend To Be Somebody Else

Please don’t register accounts in the name of another person, or using someone else’s logo (trademark), even if this is meant as a tribute. If you feel that someone is impersonating you on Pinza, or is infringing your trademark, please tell us.
If you Break the Rules

Please take this code of conduct seriously and be sure to follow our content guidelines. Flag any inappropriate content you see. Inappropriate content will be removed along with any replies. Repeat offenders will have their accounts deleted. In most cases, we'll send you a warning before we take other measures. Remember, let's work together to make Pinza a fun and caring community where everyone feels respected.